Meet Nick!

Hello! I founded Stay Ahead Tutors because the current curriculum middle school students are subjected to in computer science is not enough. I have professional, first-hand experience witnessing, that at an age as early as 9 and 10 years old, children are not only able to learn real programming syntax and code, but they're very eager to get started working with it too! Parents can be assured, that not only will their child be introduced to relevant content, offering a huge upper-hand in preparation for earning AP college credit by the time high school comes around, but also that my mission is to also appeal to every child's natural intellectual curiosity and excitement towards all things technology surrounding them every day of their lives.

In addition to teaching web site design and beginner-to-intermediate coding, I also extremely enjoy following my passion for quantitative analytics and geographic information systems. So if you by chance happen to be a graduate student, currently frustrated with how your current research is going to be formally organized and calculated into a presentable methodology, I'd love to help! For a full list of subjects I'm able to teach, and a full list of my credentials, please follow the link reading:
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