Middle School Upcoming Classes and Private Tutoring Opportunities

Middle School Javascript

Introduction to Coding JavaScript & Web App Design    

-- $30 per Class --
-- Next Class Starts Tuesday, December 6th! --

Classroom-Setting, Tuesday and Friday @ 7PM EST
5-Week-Long Classes of 3-9 Students -- Ages 10 - 14

A curriculum designed for beginners that combines the learning core principles of computer programming and writing coding with the creative and always exciting language of JavaScript!

Middle School HTML Class

HTML & The Foundations of Building Well-Made Websites   

-- $25 per Class --
-- Next Class Starts Monday, November 28th! --

Classroom-Setting, Monday and Wednesday @ 7PM EST
4-Week-Long Classes of 10-25 Students -- Ages 9 - 15

This is your chance to learn how websites are created from scratch, and so easily made to look great! Many other topics are explained, such as how important it is to be safe and secure while you learn all of the unbelievable technology that allows the internet to work everyday for people anywhere in the world!
After you finish this class, just give your friends one of your URL's, and watch them in disbelief as they pull-up YOUR VERY own website design on their phones in front of you!!

General Computer Science

One-on-One Introduction to The World of Computer Science   

-- Price Varies Depending on Individual Needs --
Approximate Average Cost
Per Hour Session: $60

Students of All Ages Encouraged to Reach Out

For Either Adult Learners Tired of Being Intimidated by Technology or Curious Kids as Young as 9 Who Just Need To Know Just How Computers Work and To Start Writing Programming Code Now!!

Everything from what makes Graphics Cards so exciting, to learning how hosting websites on the internet is as easy as few lines of code! Let me do what I do best, and not only show you how to succeed in your next steps studying computer programming, but also open your eyes to how unbelievably amazing modern computing has become, while also allowing newcomers to feel like developing the next big App is not even that far out of reach!